Job Description

Assist the O.R. team with preparing the operating room.

Assist with patient transfer as needed

Remove regular trash, linen and biohazard waste and replace bags in bins

Assist with stocking: O.R. supplies, linens, fluids, scrub sinks, specialized carts, surgical scrubs, anesthesia machines

Assist with go-backs at the end of the day

General cleaning of surgical department not limited to O.R.’s

Assist with cleaning pt. gurneys in the pacu area.

Monthly detail cleaning of surgical department

Ensure laundry received is sorted and stored appropriately.

Work cooperatively and maintain communication with the operating room team, doctors, nurses, patient representatives and the administrative staff.

Skills / Requirements

  1. Accepts delegation, instruction and supervision from the professional nurse or the person authorized to delegate tasks.
  2. Ability to set priorities.
  3. Ability to communicate well with physicians, patients, co-workers, etc.
  4. Ability to work within the team.
  5. Knowledge of the philosophy, policies and objectives of the Surgery Center.
  6. Is able to function directly or assist in the duties of all team members both professional and nonprofessional as directed.
  7. Accepts responsibility for patient safety at all times as well as for self.
  8. Participate in assuring quality patient care.
  9. Communicate pertinent patient information appropriately.
  10. Assesses own strengths and areas for growth and assumes responsibility for current knowledge by participating in in-services and staff meetings.

Licenses or Certifications: Basic Cardiac Life Support Certification within 30 days of employment